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The Super Attorney: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Your Law Firm without Working Harder or Raising Your Fees

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  • What do industry insiders believe is going to lead to 100,000 attorney jobs disappearing in the coming years? Ignore this at your peril [Page 8]
  • How the vast majority of attorneys will be swept away by a sea of change (it isn’t their fault though, they simply don’t know about it)… and how to use that to drastically increase your income [Page 25]
  • The Only Two Ways To Grow Your Law Firm that actually work. [Page 29]
  • How to get clients to afford your fees & get paid upfront. [Page 35]
  • How to instantly increase your firm’s income by $70,000-$1.63 million per year AND discover why those numbers vary and how you can pick yours. [Page 38]
  • How to get your clients to THANK you for charging them more and getting the entire fee up front (including retainer + future fees). [Page 41]
  • How to get a 5-star reputation with clients PERSONALLY RECOMMENDING you to complete strangers. [Page 44]
  • How to avoid the path of the ‘Broke Attorney’. [Page 47]
  • 85% of people trust this one sales tactic as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. Do this ONE THING and you’ll be ahead of 98% of attorneys. [Page 49]
  • How to get more clients on Autopilot [Page 57]
  • The exact email and text templates you MUST use to see rapid growth in acquiring new clients. This is essential to avoid wasting money on marketing and advertising. [Page 61]
  • Phone Secrets: Get your staff to utter these exact words on the phone to convert more prospects into clients. [Page 68]
  • The exact steps a prospect MUST take before becoming a client. Follow this process and you’ll see astonishing increases in the number of prospects converting into high paying clients. [Page 76]
  • How to easily evaluate your staff so that you can get higher paying clients on the regular. [Page 79].
  • Use the Super Attorney’s “Major Cash Cheat Sheet” for instant growth. [Page 82]
  • The one tactic the U.S. military figured out in 1935 that Super Attorneys are using right now to gain massive wealth. [Page 84]
  • Use the ‘Problem First’ approach to quickly get new clients. [Page 92]
  • How to use this simple template as your “Unfair Advantage” that turns website visitors into cash clients (it has been tested over 5,000 times). [Page 109]
  • How to create Hyper-Specific Advertising that quickly gives you piping hot leads. This comes from testing over 100,000 ads run in the legal industry. (It is like peeking behind the curtain of the most successful campaigns in history). [Page 119]
  • “Advertising Doesn’t Work!” Discover why the vast majority of attorneys are pouring their money down the drain with bad advice from marketing firms – and what to do instead. [Page 120]
  • The Authority Advertising Model: How to advertise so that clients see you as the authority. This one strategy is so powerful a few attorneys I know, begged me to leave it out of the book. [Page 134]
  •  How to grow your law firm while working less – this is the key to a happy life for attorneys like you. [Page 145]
  • The Attorney Paradox: Why the majority of the population HATE you, yet are jealous of what you have. [Page 147]
  • The precise checklist to retiring EARLY. [Page 149]
  • The “Lazy Attorney’s” 6-Step Blueprint To Riches: Follow all of these steps and you’ll discover a world very few attorneys reach. [Page 157]
  • And much… much more.
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The Super Attorney: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Your Law Firm without Working Harder or Raising Your Fees
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