Want A Charismatic Speaker With Never-Before-Seen Strategies To Grow A Law Firm?
After generating over 1.5 million leads, running 120,000 ads, and well over 5,000 marketing tests, I’d be honored to speak at your event.
Did you know that there are exactly two ways to grow a law firm? Not three, not seventeen, but two.
And did you know that those two methods can be broken down into ten steps?
After helping thousands of attorneys, I’d like to share some of those tried and tested strategies with your audience.
My speeches are full of actionable value that lead to epiphanies
Have your attorneys walk away thinking “Wow, I can double my law firm now”.
Have you ever had a moment where you realized something incredible was possible? In all of my keynote speeches, my aim is to get the light bulb to go off in the heads of the attorneys in the crowd. And the only way to do that is by packing actionable value into the presentation.

In other words, they will get a step by step breakdown of how to grow their law firm. 

They’ll hear about case studies, research, and blueprints on how to grow. Every single tip, tactic, and strategy will be based on real world examples of success.
"Gary is probably the most important connection I have made in the last 10 years. He has become the guru on the mountaintop for all of our legal marketing needs. His understanding of attraction marketing using the crocodile brain and mass marketing system have proven to deliver amazing results. 

He has been able to help us create better sales processes, attract better clients and grow our legal financing platform by leaps and bounds. Gary is like a college professor that can take complex subjects and simplify them in a way anyone could understand."
A little more about my style
I’ll work hard to keep your audience on the edge of their seats
I don’t do boring. Complex subjects will get broken down into easily understood stories. 

I work hard to bring a fun and memorable experience to your audience, while customizing my talk to line up with the goals of your conference.

My most requested talks
Which I can customize for your specific event
How To Create Hyper-Specific Advertising That Quickly Gives You Piping Hot Leads
Imagine you can see under the hood of America’s most successful legal advertisers. And I mean people that spend millions perfecting their message. How do you take all of that information, and then make it better to beat the biggest hitters in the industry? That’s exactly what this talk is about. You’ll discover what the best of the best are doing, and how to reverse engineer their strategies while making them better.
How To Get Clients To Afford Your Fees & Get Paid Up Front WHILE Getting A 5-Star Online Reputation
This specific strategy has seen law firms gain explosive growth in a very short span of time. Attorney clients will leave their offices happier, pay large sums of cash up front, and recommend their firm to anyone and everyone searching for them. This strategy is so good, it sounds like a pipedream. Trust me, it isn’t. While you are reading the very words on this page attorneys are gaining massive riches from this miracle marketing strategy.
Phone Secrets: How To Get Your Staff To Double The Size Of Your Law Firm
Did you know that there is a simple three step process that staff can follow on the phone that can double the size of a law firm? So few attorneys know about this, that you can kick your competitor to the dust by simply employing this one process.
How I’ll make it easy for you
Here is exactly what you can expect when getting me to speak at your event.
  • We’ll start off with a phone consultation where I can discover what your goals are for your conference. I will also share some initial thoughts and ideas I have
  •  You will have direct access to me via email and phone.
  •  I will send an email to my list of attorneys about your event.
  •  I will deliver a professional presentation that is both valuable and entertaining.
  •  I want to make sure I meet your expectations
Are You Ready To Book A Charismatic Speaker With Never-Before-Seen Strategies To Grow A Law Firm?
Are You Ready To Book A Charismatic Speaker With Never-Before-Seen Strategies To Grow A Law Firm?
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